October 28, 2014

Karate will see you through this disaster

Sign says:
女性 women
中高生 middle and highschoolers
病弱者 weak and sickly dudes
かんげい welcome
gloss: We welcome, women, children, and the infirm!

大地震 big quakes
大津波 massive tsunamis
大不況 great depressions
にまけるな!don't lose to 'em!
gloss: Overcome all the hardships that nature and the economy can throw at you!

カラテ教室 Karate class
If you are having problems getting that precious byoujyaku karate teacher sympathy, here is a makeup guide.

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October 23, 2014

Anyways, Just Try It Once

Thought this an interesting way of using 兎に角 (tonikaku, anyway) that we probably wouldn't do in an English ad. It translates pretty much as per this post's title. It seems like the nuance of the Japanese "anyway" is slightly different.
You might note that sometimes I write anyway with an s. It's not really fixed in my idiolect.