December 27, 2004

Heard of spamusement yet? He takes junk mail and makes comics out of the inane titles.
I once mused that spam mail can be the new DaDaist poetry.
drove to Paddington; and started off; having obeyed to the letter the Suddenly;
without any preliminary sound in the midst of the utter could towards me Dans l
impossibilite de me former une opinion

anyways, here's a couple of them.

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the caption for this one: "We talked about this" Posted by Hello

December 17, 2004

as I watched the happy crowd I thought...

People are fantastic.

December 16, 2004

sometimes my mind is blown

I just found out that the author of house of leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski, is brother to weird musical siren Poe. I've read Denielewski's book, but had no idea why Poe sang about things from the book until now. This is a very cool revelation to me. Here's her song with the same title as his book: House of leaves. The lyrics are actually a passage from his book.
"My father was a filmmaker," he says, "and my mother was an actress. When you live in a vaudeville family, you know the attention is just a fantasy." Born a year apart and described by Mark as "Irish twins who parented each other," he and his sister, he says, have worked at keeping close during their thirties. They have also, Danielewski admits, "divided up the labor" of exploring the underworld of family dynamics. Poe’s Haunted is about their late father and includes his recorded voice. The Whalestoe Letters, on the other hand, seems to give voice to a powerfully influential mother. "Like mad women in attics, she was confined to the appendix in House of Leaves," Danielewski says, referring to Whalestoe’s female character.

December 14, 2004

Somebody shut that kid up

Okay, I seem to have a bit of de Vega's syndrome. For those of you not in the know, Lope Félix de Vega Carpia (1562-1635), known as Lope de Vega, published between 1,800 to 2,500 plays during his life, some 450 of which survive. Towards the end of his life, it was rumored that he wrote two plays a week.

December 10, 2004

The distance between you and me is measured in misunderstandings
-From The Artist's Lament, within The Book of Clay

December 9, 2004

Comic , money, and gummy bears

"Our social identity is a creation of other people's thoughts." -- Marcel Proust
Hey look at the leaving w/out saying anything shtick of mine this way: It's very Japanese ^_-

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December 4, 2004

Feeling attractive today

Teacher: Everyone understand? You cool, Clay?
Me: Yeah, I'm cool.
Cute girl#1: Clay is always cool.
Cute girl#2: Yeah, he is!
Both cute girls in tandem: We love you, Clay!
Me: *blush*

Please note these are the first legal girls I've been hit on by in a while.
Did a cute little cartoon for Brittany's birthday, and I was gonna scan it so you all could see it, but I forgot. Anyways, head over to the blog links, click on Brit, and wish her a happy birthday.
She gave me so many hugs tonight cause of that picture :)
Life is good at the moment; but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

December 3, 2004

Guess that girl part 1

is there anything sexier than a redhead with a cello?
Guess who this sci-fi star is. (if you're new to the blog, you should know we like people to guess in the comments, then I give them a prize).