November 28, 2004


I taught my extended family unit how to play werewolves and puritans. Half of them understood free-form role playing. Mom, a mother after my own heart, acted the enthusiastic accuser each game, and the werewolves kept killing her off to keep her from getting them. Grandpa just kept trying to shoot us all with silver bullets.
Rules so you can play werewolves and puritans in your own home.
Otherwise, my only comment on thanksgiving concerns grandpa. He seems to think I'm a petulant ten year old again, and insists that I comb my hair for breakfast (??).
I met with Harry for the first time in about a year and he told me of Denver adventures (getting car jacked and the like), and introduced me to obscure bands, therefore making me cool once again (because we all know that if you know something someone else doesn't know, you are cooler than them). I will post MP3s of said music as I find it online. I can can back flip, I can flip backer than you.
The battle to gain the bulge continues. I seem to have gotten back up to 170lbs, depending on who's scale you use. I'm gonna have to bulk up more to face those highschoolers next semester.
Alright, I get it, people like to see themselves in comic form (see comments in last entry). That's why I'm announcing the Clay-will-draw you thang. I'll do a whole entry about it soon for those that are interested.
Dune the book is much better than the movie. 10 to the 24th times better. I've read through half the novel in three days. A David Lynch site has the movie script, and you can see how much crap he left out, just to make the movie make less sense. I also watched Eraserhead (by the same director) and was thouroughly dissapointed by the lack of anything more interesting than a horse-faced baby puppet. I like the song about heaven though.

November 22, 2004

an important revelation

If you are going to get married to a girl, actually make sure she has agreed to the idea. Get a verbal, very literal "yes, I will marry you." Then yell, "NO TAKE BACKS!" and run out of the room before she can say anything else.

Art Wok

Inspired by the aquisition of a new wok, I decided to go on an art walk, and photograph the art around the CWC campus. There were quite a few pieces. Enjoy the photo dump Posted by Hello

an ode to can openers, obviously Posted by Hello

Van Goe flowers Posted by Hello

good ol winslow homer Posted by Hello

canyon with a river Posted by Hello

birds made this found art Posted by Hello

dog vs cows Posted by Hello

near as I can tell, they are running from a grenade Posted by Hello

I'm just not seeing the vagina in this georgia o keefe picture Posted by Hello

I swear I made the exact same sculpture at LCCC Posted by Hello

one of my favorite finds Posted by Hello

who's that handsome guy in the reflection?

November 18, 2004


if anything, this experience has stirred up my desire to create. I want to paint again. Now I just need a canvass...

In the meantime, I will sketch out my ideas.

November 17, 2004


whenever my mentor teacher leaves the room, I quietly sneak around and start cleaning and organizing things. I have a problem.

November 16, 2004

mood swings

I keep going from elated to morose and back again.
What causes my meloncholy? Bills.

November 14, 2004

"Reading bringeth evil"

The odd saying in the title appears upon one of the buildings about campus. I have often wondered why in the world it's on a cornerstone at a university for.

November 1, 2004

Let it be known

That I caught that giant mofo of a boomerang. That's right. The three-footer.