December 16, 2004

sometimes my mind is blown

I just found out that the author of house of leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski, is brother to weird musical siren Poe. I've read Denielewski's book, but had no idea why Poe sang about things from the book until now. This is a very cool revelation to me. Here's her song with the same title as his book: House of leaves. The lyrics are actually a passage from his book.
"My father was a filmmaker," he says, "and my mother was an actress. When you live in a vaudeville family, you know the attention is just a fantasy." Born a year apart and described by Mark as "Irish twins who parented each other," he and his sister, he says, have worked at keeping close during their thirties. They have also, Danielewski admits, "divided up the labor" of exploring the underworld of family dynamics. Poe’s Haunted is about their late father and includes his recorded voice. The Whalestoe Letters, on the other hand, seems to give voice to a powerfully influential mother. "Like mad women in attics, she was confined to the appendix in House of Leaves," Danielewski says, referring to Whalestoe’s female character.