February 16, 2005

I was a teenage ax murderer! (unoffical, yet hilarious, Valentines day post)

So what's more embarrassing than going on an impromptu date (she asked me to the coffee shop and we had Mexican hot chocolates), and seeing half your students hanging out there? How about finding out that she has a boyfriend which she has failed to mention up to this point.
"Mystery solved, dear Watson! Dating does suck indeed!" says the man in the tweed jacket sitting on the corner of the room. "Eh? Eh? Who's with me here?" Then he starts to mutter about the imbeciles that are churned out of this yank country's schools as he takes up his Stradivarius violin and plays a complicated tune with a rapid syncopation.

I have another date with a different girl this Thursday. What can I say? I'm popular. And stupid.
The kids took a pic of me and photoshoped me into Jesus. Bout time I got some respect around here. Ooh, head rush from all the megalomania. Gotta pace myself when I go on a power trip like that.