March 3, 2005

Spider man in the bible

If you could send a message of peace into space like NASA is doing today, what would it say?
A funny link on spiderman thanks to Christie.
Tomorrow is my last day at the highschool. My mentor teacher says I've got the mean teacher look down.
For perpetuity's sake, here are answers submitted for my last entry. More answers are welcome from the flock (hey if Linus can minister to the flock, so can I in my capacity as artist theolaureate). Answers from others we know have been reported by Brit in this post.

Imports: Secrets.
Exports: Smiles.
Miss Wired

Importing: loving gazes
Exporting: hearty laughter

Import: understanding
Export: tolerence

Import: Prayer Beads
Export: Scriptural Translations
Reverend Linus