May 15, 2005

'Cause my opinion is soooo important

As you may know, one of my summer jobs is working at Hollywood video. We get three free rentals a night and I have been taking advantage of it. I thought I'd review some media I've ran across (not just movies).

Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha
Budda's life, as seen through the eyes of the god of manga himself. It is quite educational (though I worry that history is treated in it much in the way it was in Cartoon Network's "time squad") and entertaining. I just finish volume two of this massive series. Sidhartha has gotten married, had a kid, and gone off to live as a monk despite his caste. Makes me want to see the manga depiction of the life of Christ.

Written by, produced by, and starring japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano (the gruff guy from kikujiro) as a blind swords man. It has the world's only Japanese tap-dancing scene set in ancient times as far as I know. Weird, funny, and violent, I highly recommend it. The sword fighting is like nothing anyone has ever done. Also included on the DVD is Takeshi's famous and revolutionary yakuza film Sonatine.

Volcano High
Bad movie. MTV brought this Korean movie to the U.S. and dubbed the voices with those of famous rap stars. This was only thing more unnatural than normal dubbing, which is pretty bad. The only redeeming factor of the movie was the pretty girls.

Silent Hill 4
Being "trapped" in a room the whole game was an interesting twist. I really hate the enemies in this one. I'm all nostalgic for the enemies of SH1.

I've got that feeling that I'm being watched again...

Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind
My first Sammo Hung experience. It is the Evil Dead of the martial arts genre. That means it may be my favorite martial arts flick to date. Highly recommended.

Kung Fu Hustle
I loved it, not as much as Shaolin Soccer perhaps, but still. And I found out Sammo Hung had a hand in this one.

More reviews to come as summer drags on.