June 4, 2005

Let's have a piety contest

I had a fabulous time visiting Ben in his new Denver home. We ate at the sushi place three times, and upon seeing the girl that works there, we solemnly resolved to eat there more. Tangent: Have you noticed all coffee shop girls are insanely gorgeous? I think they have a union. No scabs, or other skin conditions, get through the picket lines.

We visited the art triangle, on a search for Harry's new place, and on the whole we were well taken care of. They give you free food, and even wine ("no thanks, I gotta think about the baby now").
Harry's place is quite impressive. He and the art-blokes have built themselves rooms out of two-by-fours and live in a gallery/warehouse.
I solemnly resolve to visit again soon, for friendship's sake, though I plan on seeing sushi girl again.
Clay will never be sorry for his pun-riddled posts