December 10, 2009

Shweet. I'm Getting Sent to Niigata!

So check out that label as the next week or so progresses, or just sub to my RSS already!


  1. We want a comparison from when you got to ski for free when you were little in Utah! (That awesome 'kids ski free' program they had there) Dad said you will break your wrists...Me, I just want to see you in too short snow boarding pants, unless they have a shop for giant skiiers! Remember the water, you don't want a giant headache!!!
    Has this been annoying enough because you know I can go on!!
    Have fun!

  2. wow sounds great! what a deal, chill out in a cool city for free. good luck with the snowboarding and don't break a leg.

  3. So you got a free trip because you blog a lot? I must start blogging more!

  4. No matter how pro a blogger I become, mom shows up to embarass me in the comments :-)

  5. This is so awesome. I'm enjoying your posts and can hardly wait to see the vids. Nan


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