March 17, 2010

How Much Clay can One Fit into a Tiny Yokohama Apartment?

This much. I'm quite settled into my new place now, and my neighborhood is awesome!

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  1. once again you worry us all to death, and I get all the calls, 'is your son alive' 'is everything ok' 'i haven't seen a new post in weeks is everything all right?'
    Enjoy your separate toilet! Can't wait to see more of your new city and hear about the exciting new job!

  2. Yokohama sweet, that's one of the places I've wanted to live for a while. Osaka is fun but I've had my fill. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Uh, Clay? Not sure that putting your heating element and frying pan on top of cardboard (read that as "flammable") boxes is a good idea. At the very least, maybe wrap the top box in tin foil.

  4. There is not really anything flamable about an IH range, I promise

  5. Man, I still wish you'd let me have that Golden Eggs car.

    Also! D'awwwww, someone's mommy loves him! (I'm not kidding; that's really sweet)

  6. Well at least someone thinks a mothers love is sweet!!!
    And I am glad someone else addressed the cardboard box, I didn't want to sound too naggy!
    Still love you,


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