April 15, 2010

Detective Yabe Back on the Case

I've been too busy to blog, and it's a shame, because I see cool things every day. Take this poster for instance:

This is detective Yabe from the TRICK series, which is making a comeback (even though a freshly-hatched chick told us all the last movie was really the end of it all).
Yabe adjusts his wig in this pic, while the phrase 犯人はオマエや (YOU are the criminal!), in his characteristic Kansai-dialect, floats in the corner.

I'm really excited for the return of TRICK. Maybe someday I'll return to a regular blogging schedual.


  1. Well, I for one would love to see you blog on a more regular basis.

  2. Clay, please update your blog when you have time! I love reading your blog and watching your Youtube videos! Keep up the good work, man!


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