May 29, 2010

J Products That Have Caught My Eye

Sweet Sally in the alley! The longer you go without posting, the harder it gets to return. The Job has taken over my life, but at least it's a fun job and it is good exercise--my love handles may be gone soon, but I will never get a love with this schedule. Anyways, I constantly snap pics for potential posts. Let's make some happen.

I discovered the artist Feebee via some prints at a store I tweeted about. I guess you could buy them via Rakuten, but it's cheaper at the store by a bit. The following is Feebee's interpretation of Raijin.

EDIT: Reader info in the comments negates my theories coming up on the next item...
Also next to that store that sells the print, I found an image that ties into my last post, which was made three eternities ago. It is not nearly as profound as the coins from that post, but I think it may be making the 天+口+む thing I think I see vertically into 呑む (nomu, drink).

Up next is an awesomely stupid smoking ad that I've seen recently. Nice shorts, bud.

どーよ、get a load of this!
この味!This taste
日本上陸 has arrived in Japan.

The taste of manflesh. I doubt this guy really smokes.

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  1. Hi. I'm afraid that it's not "む", but it's "宝". I guess "天宝" is the name of this restaurant. However, I think it would be more interesting if it was "む" !

  2. Thanks, I just couldn't see it until you said that. Now are there any 口+宝 kanji?

  3. Hmmm, no... there's no kanji like that. I just found a restaurant in Okinawa which has the same logo. Are they multiple restaurant?
    BTW, your posts are interesting! You made me pay more attention to my surroundings:D

  4. nice find! I guess the coin motif means nothing... how odd :D

  5. That smoking ad!!! Gaaaaah! I see it everytime I'm in the konbini and I just can't help sniggering. bahaha


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