February 12, 2012

What Edan's Partner Was Singing About

Today I finally solved a mystery that has been bugging me for like 10 years. What the heck was that kid singing about in Edan's old song Sing It, S***face?

Turns out it was an old children's song called Futa'atsu (Doublings or just Two drawn out in a sing-song-style). The lyrics: ふたあつ (tune/山口保治・lyrics/まどみちお)
ふたあつ ふたあつ なんでしょね
There are two, two, right?
お目々が いちに ふたつでしょ
One eye and two,
お耳も ほらね ふたつでしょ
And one ear plus two, eh.
ふたあつ ふたあつ まだあって
There are another couple of things
お手々が いちに ふたつでしょ
One arm and another
あんよも ほらね ふたつでしょ
and two widdle wegs.
まだまだ いいもの なんでしょか
But there is still another good thing
まあるい あれよ かあさんの
Those ro-ound things mom has
おっぱい ほらね ふたつでしょ
Breasts, see? There are two, aren't there.

J children's songs have no compunction about mentioning breasts (or maybe flashing them with the final line?). See the theme song for dragon ball. 
Also, in case you are wondering, all the body parts save for mammary glands in the song are mentioned in baby-language, which is usually a doubling of a given word, but anyo (legs/walking) is an exception.
J Lyrics via this site, where you can also hear the tune.

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