March 22, 2006

How do you cause a riot in Japan?

I've been surprisingly absent, haven't I. I wanna get back on the ball with the novel experiment. Because of this recent wave of logopastion (logo (word)+constipation... what, they call that writer's block? No I have no dearth of ideas, just motivation, so logopastion it is) I haven't gotten much of anything done online. Well, here's some pictures.
How does one cause a riot in Japan? By sitting on a rock outside and drawing. The students have never seen such a spectacle as that apparently, because no sooner had I started than they began to pour out. I laughed at them for thinking I was interesting, and photographed them. They thanked me. Will I ever make a true impact in this country (i.e. show the students that foreigners are human beings and not mystical giants from the North)? Is the JET programme useless? Who knows. And who ain't telling. The jerk.

Student color theory art. I was impressed; we don't do this sort of thing in America until college.

Me being filmed.
You know, it's a bit odd to be sitting at the Yakitori pub, watching as the channels on the TV are flicked through, and suddenly seeing yourself "teaching" English to everyone. Bonus embarrassment for bad hair days. Won't have to worry about that, at least, for the radio interview tomorrow.

Student depiction of me, for the yearbook. Seeing this made me realize that Japanese students look at the world though a very strange filter. I mean, they completely missed the fact that I am always in dramatic lighting. Always.

Colon awareness in the nurse's office. Anyone hungry?