March 23, 2006

How I became Tom Cruise and destroyed everything with help from Japanese radio waves

The male announcer leaned in. <"What famous person do you look like?">
Me: "Uh, one of my students said I look like Tom Cruise a few weeks back..."
Female announcer:<"Okay, you are Tom Cruise!">
And so we went on the air.
Male: <"Hey why are you smiling so broadly? Could it be that a handsome man is beside you?">
Female: <"Why yes, but sorry, I'm not thinking of you, the man on my left. No, I am talking about the one on my right, Tara-cho's own Ku...reton... Man, he looks just like Tom Cruise! Clayton, please tell us about yourself!">

So I opened my mouth, and I caused a sequel to the apocalypse (see how I caused the end times). Then I got invited by the pretty producers to go drinking sometime.