January 6, 2007

Best/Worst vacation

I was gonna show you pics and video and bowing deer (no really), but I seem to have lost my SD card adaptor. This isn't the only thing I lost. Oh no. I also lost my shinkansen ticket. Which made me realize that a)there is no reason to order one ahead of time, and b) Japan is a stupid country. Where else do they delete the data of the customer who has bought tickets and screw them over? In addition, I am stupid for not realizing "a)" earlier.

Also during the vacation, I essentially got fired for next year. I applied for a transfer, but my board of education simply didn't hire anybody new, so I can't transfer, and their policy is that I not be rehired because I tried to transfer. And the mayor died, so they aren't ready to hear me out, and I need to meet with the powers that be and beg. That's right, I plan to beg for my job. I may even go full out Japanese and get on my knees and cry, though it is entirely their fault I could not transfer. I will humiliate myself because I love this stupid country, and I'm not ready to leave.

On a positive note, I finally met Beth, who is a friend of a friend, and made some really great friends at the hostel. One was even like a slightly-eerie 23 year old version of me, only he can already speak Japanese fluently. Speaking of speaking, I can. I mean, I've had long conversations* and understood what I was overhearing around me. It's weird. Even my gf noticed the difference one week in Kyoto made. Maybe cause I wasn't surrounded by Saga-dialect, which I still don't get, and never plan to.

There was snow. Snow and deer. Who needs Wyoming?

*I had an hour long conversation with a Japanese nutritionist at the hostel. She, of all people, did not seem to think I could do my new years resolution, which is no "overt" sugar for a year. I did it when I was 16, and I can do it now. The hard part is giving up Cola. Sweet LDS-legal caffeine.