April 15, 2008

Japan's constant struggle to make me sick

The country is a living entity with the goal of getting me somehow, be it tsunami, germ-riddled children with cute faces, or dreaded sakura petal attacks.
But really, I never really had allergies before I came here. Then my nose discovered the joy of the Japanese cedar.
I thought this year I was being ignored by this malevolent entity for once, but the allergies finally came. I took a couple Benadryl. Then the next day I took a couple more. Now that stuff has built up in my system and I am effectively drugged. In every sense of the word. I am forgetful. I sleepy. I am forgetful. And making bad judgements and reasonings. I even thought Japan was out to get me a few minutes ago.
I would write more but I am tired, and I forgot what this post was in the beginning. I am too tired to raise my eyes up to see. Gee that keyboard looks soft.