April 21, 2008

The wii fit is working out for me

I see what you did there, Clay.

Ahem, I'll probably state this again in a vid soon, but I finished my first day with the wii Fit and actual sweat came out of my body. I feel good! Sad to say the hardest part for me was doing the lowly push ups (I don't think one can get lower than a push up in physical terms come to think of it. Oh! I see what I did again!). Also, for someone that has big dogs that all the creepy foot fetishists love, I have terrible balance. These feet add no stability to my shoddy structure!
Now is the time on Sprockets when we show the photos!

Gah, I blink in photos even when I am a virtual person...

That's better. My wii board is using a strange accent there.

Not a bad BMI, but why do I have a woman's hip structure?
I have grown to look more like my mii. Incidentally, I took this pic for visa purposes. It is the handsomest I've ever looked for such a picture. I'm not bragging; I just noticed when I was comparing it to all my other ID pics as I did paperwork. This is as good as my sad mug gets. Also, you're probably thinking my neck looks pretty skinny for someone who is using this product. Well it's for more reasons than losing fat. Hopefully I can actually add some muscle on.