October 8, 2009

Bronze Horses ain't fer Ridin'

Hey folks, this is a test post from my iPhone. I figure it may be a good solution on weeks like these where I go, "Meh, too typhoony to write a post. I'm going home*."
So here we have a sign that was in front of a bronze horse at Edo Wonderland in Nikko. Let's break them nihongoes down!

此の kono: this (bet you didn't know there was a kanji for this word :-p)
馬 uma: horse
乗る noru: ride/mount
べからず bekarazu: should not (a word only used on signs, never spoken. べかざる+noun is the non-sign version)

Gloss: Stay off this horse statue!

I want to call this sign language, but, well... Anyways, there is also a sign-specific use of こと to tell people what they should do. Ex: 五時に集合のこと= gather at 5.
*: yes I still live an internet-free life at home. Kinda.