November 26, 2009

A Sky Full of Bats in Japan

I'm coming at you in HD, with flying friends! This experience happened during the trip that inspired me to write the Get Lost! article at Jibtv.

Not much to say, except I'm not sure where these bats go during winter. They left poo on my balcony to remember them by though.


  1. I can explain where bats go in the winter, actually: nowhere at all.

    Bats hibernate all winter, which nicely explains why you never see them in the colder months. Chances are the bats you saw will spend winter fast asleep under the bridge you were standing on.

    (incidentally, hi from that girl who knits during DnD sessions)

  2. Sir, this "hibernation" theory of yours is preposterous.

  3. Madam, may I present to you the following:

    (incidentally, I initially didn't notice the OpenID option)

  4. All righty then:


  5. Wow, I know a few people that this would absolutely freak out. I'm very jealous of your travels to Japan. I really want to visit there someday. Here's to being a hopeless romantic and loving adventures!


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