July 11, 2010

Heidi Trance Music Brings Back Tokyo Club History

First off, if you don't know the Heidi (ハイジ) Nissan commercials, go here. And if you don't recognize the animation as being from the same studio that did Golden Eggs, well... we can't be friends.

Today's post is about a song from a discotheque established in Tokyo in the decadent 90s. Wikichan says,

Juliana's, also known as Juliana's Tokyo, was a Japanese discothèque that operated in Shibaura, Minato, Tokyo[1] in the early 1990s. It was famous for its dance platforms, on which office ladies dressed in "bodycon" (abbr. (wasei-eigo): "body conscious" (ボディコン bodikon?, "sexually flattering clothing")[2][3]) clubwear would congregate, as amateur go-go dancers (professionals were also employed).[4]

Apparently, Juliana's had a techno mix that was so overused it remains locked in the Japanese consciousness to this day. It's kinda the Japanese equivalent, in terms of moronic techno that we can easily recall, of the Mortal Combat song. Here 'tis (I recommend only about 30 seconds of this stuff):

And here is a Heidi commercial featuring it:

The word they use in the CMs is 低燃費 (low fuel consumption). If you aren't technoed out, DJ Ozma has a pretty funny take on the song too that you can see here.

Hat tip for this post goes at to Mayu.

EDIT: A Twitterer has the title figured out.

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