July 4, 2010

Karaoke: Ayaka Hirahara Will Rock Your Worlds

Though she seems to have done it way back in 2003, Ayaka Hirahara's Jupiter is pretty popular right now. I don't know why, so edifiy me in the comments Dear Reader. Anyways it's brilliant! A take on Jupiter from Gustov Holst's The Planets suite. I am more familiar with Mars, but this one rings a bell. You can hear the original orchestra pieces here.

And here is Ayaka's version with Japanese lyrics and subs so you can practice at home:
[vid link]

She seems to do a lot of such adaptations of the classics. Here is her rendition of Ave Maria. This and Jupiter both appear on her 2009 collection my[sic] Classics! Maybe the momentum has carried over into the current Hirahara boom.

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