June 30, 2010

Jamiroquai and Tom Sawyer, Two Big Names in Cup Noodle History

Um so Jamiroquai has what to do with noodles and polystyrene? Who cares? Throw a few Japanese lyrics in at the end of the CM!
Bah. Youtube is bragging that Boingboing already featured this. I'm the only person on earth that doesn't read that blog. So this post, like all of them, are for the biggest market share of my readership (my own two eyes).

You thought bringing that song back to pimp noodles was odd? Try an 19th century book. From the 80s CM vault, I give you Tom Sawyer, who I didn't even know made it across the cultural divide.

Hey, if that isn't an old enough foreign tale for you, there is always Journey to the West where we find temptresses and Cup Noodles. Here's another one in that series. And another.

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  1. that cup noodle commercial always gives me the lulz,


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