June 3, 2010

Kumagaya Posters

Thought I would dust off a few pics from my old town that I found bizarre or amusing. One or two of these are not region-specific though.

What happens when comic characters get real and less blonde.

合格エナジー Energy to pass. エネルギ is the usual word for energy though, as the Japanese took in the German word for energy long ago. Curious, is there a shift going on?

熊谷はどうなる? What will happen to Kumagaya? 熊谷の破綻を食い止めろ Put Kumagaya's bankruptcy into check! 熊谷発 日本沈没 Starting with Kumagaya, Japan with be sunk.
Hmmm, Kumagaya sounds pretty important. What's that you say? Just a gimmick? Oh.

おいしい穴新発売 The debut of the delicious hole.
A donut burger? Where's the beef?!

The only 1000¥ (about 10 dollars) store I've seen so far.
Ahhh, nostalgia, thy name be... overpriced hipster clothes? Well, I do have a bit of a bigger budget these days as my family died of dysentery...

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  1. I laughed so much at your last picture comment that I thought you should know that it is a gem XDDD

  2. ^^ Agreed oregon trail ruled.
    Also when I was living in Japan I never understood what the fascination was with the doughnut burger. Its ONLY the beef that has the hole, they fill the whole with mayonnaise, so it defeats the entire purpose.


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