August 25, 2010

I Totally Taught These People Japanese

This is one of those posts where I show a video and then share some book links because the video just ain't enough. Here's the vid of me teaching Japanese:

And now here's the useful books that will not be all flippant when answering your queries.
Using Japanese Slang (US)(JP): All those fun dirty words

Common Japanese Phrases(US)(JP): Useful expressions for every occasion

Strange But True(US)(JP): A Reader that is super helpful for building literacy

How to Sound Intelligent in Japanese (US)(JP): A super vocabulary builder

Making Sense of Japanese(US)(JP): Learn the difference between は and が

A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters(US)(JP): More like a guide to the origins of characters if you as me, but I dig it

Japanese Verbs (US)(JP): I haven't read this one, but I think I have read one from the same series

Also, check those links on the sidebar of this very blog. They will save your study soul.

Japanese Study Links

Sign/Ad J | J Slang | J News w/Pics | J Vids
Karaoke | J Commercials | Let's Yoji!

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  1. awesome video, I actually learned a few things, Wish I could have seen the video where you invited questions to be asked.


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