November 13, 2010

About Being an Extra in Japan

The teeming masses of readership of this blog (my aunt) have been bugging me for a while to share my extraing experience. I've done only one gig so far. I didn't even get paid for (not) appearing in Zebraman II.
But here is the video:

And now some pics cause I just talk in my entertainingly quaint way in the vid:
A view of the track field and camerateers

A view of your protagonist getting ready for his big scene in the bleachers

In the train on the way home I spotted a Takashi Miike spot on a tabloid advertisement. As his film was the first thing I ever extra-ed on, I thought it a nice nod by the universe. Sup, Universe! I see what you did there.

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  1. Well it is about time,
    So when does this film hit theaters?
    Ya know, if you did that in America the unions wouldn't let them get away with not paying you...and you would have to spend all your income on union dues...yep, the great US of A!

  2. Cool!
    You know that Sho Aikawa is kinda like カリスマ here。。。don't know why though..


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