November 28, 2010

Japanese Zombies Are the Standard

I used to think the plethora of anime out there represented the fact that the Japanese are creative. Then I taught their middle schoolers, who couldn't imagine their way outside of an... imaginary... box thing. After that I started to look at anime and Japanese culture a little more scrutibly. I scruted the heck out of it. My conclusion is that the culture stifles creative impulses. But such impulses are human nature, and so they will come to the fore in some way while still remaining true to the national idioms. I leave you with video evidence, but before I do, let me make it clear I still love living here. One friend of mine said something understandable on the subject: "I love living in Japan, but I hate the boring Japanese people I have to live in it with."

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  1. I bet if you took the time to do this with American cartoons, you would have the same result. Probably even greater results with our movies. Don't really see the point here.

  2. Americans aren't under discussion in this post. They aren't unimaginative in America anyways, just lazy.

  3. Hahaha, you should go to Osaka/Kansai more. People in Kanto, at least those you don't know are extremely boring. At least people in Kansai will talk to you.

  4. I would certainly be amused by their accent if nothing else. "chau chau!" I also heard they play a good game of play dead when I shoot you with my finger gun.


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