March 14, 2011

Me in Yokohama, a Few Days After the Quake *wobble*

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  1. Glad to see you're safe!

    As for Windows 7, we have gone to using it on campus and the foreign students seem to be able to switch languages pretty readily. I don't know the actual procedure, but I see a lot of kanji in the labs...

  2. Glad to hear you are safe and sound.

  3. I am sure you have figured out by now that it is iodine so you can't absorbe radioactive iodine. You lived through Chernoble when you were a kid...I remember the neighbor lady kicking you out of the sandbox, I guess the sand absorbed the fallout, and we were hundreds of miles away but guess the wind blew the right direction!

    Windows 7 and their 64 bits won't run videos like this one...(youtube, hulu etc.) you have to switch to the old system...glad your dad figured that out for me before I got my new computer or I would be really mad still. He loves 7- me...neh, whatever!
    Thanks for keeping us posted!

  4. my girlfriend got a netbook with windows 7 in tokyo last year and we couldnt switch the language from japanese to anything else. the key seems to be that it depends on what version of windows 7 you have. windows 7 basic (or home or something?) can't change language, unless you upgrade windows to business or ultimate or something (which costs more money - maybe 20,000Y more...)
    hope it helps, and good luck with all the craziness going on now.
    take care, from melbourne australia.

  5. Very glad that You are OK! About Q.
    Running on Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate v. a whole year now, and it is much more improved from Windows XP, not talking even about Vista, I definitively recommend it. And about dif. languages. You can download (using Windows Update) so many languages packs as you wish, and just switch between system language on the fly, no need to restart PC (but you must log off). THIS option is only available in Windows Ultimate version. So you need to buy Windows 7 Ultimate version. I'm using 64 bit v. system, installed a whole bunch of 32 bit programs, and no problems at all, virtualization works very well, and very old programs work very nice without a glitch. So if you buy pre installed OEM Windows, do remember, that if it is 32bit, You can't change system type. Only BOX (sold separately) version, where you have two DVDs one 32 bit second 64 bit, you can install and change PCs, or it's "insides", system type as many times as you wish. I recommend definitively 64 bit system.


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