June 2, 2004

Set in their ways

I've come to realize that I utterly know a person, and this is a sad thing in my opinion. Well you truly know a person, they become slightly boring to you, even to the point of their personality being grating like a pebble in the proverbial clam shell; you may develop a pearl around the stagnant personality in question, and it can look good for a while, but ultimately it is just a rock.
Convoluted metaphor? Yeah I know.
I desire dynamic character in my friends and associates. The world becomes boring if I know what the person is going to say next. In many ways, interactions become pointless. You develop nihilistic feelings towards someone you once may have admired.
But worse than that, you wonder if you may be the same way. Who truly knows themselves enough to determine if they're boring? I constantly watch for and worry about the signs in my own actions and thoughts. I'd like to think that I am dynamic, ever-changing, ever-progressing. I took as a good thing when R told me that she doesn't understand me.
And then I worry about the whole of humanity. Are we just accepting the mundane? Do we just idly sit by waiting for the next technology that will make our lives easier? Is our entertainment inadvertently distracting us from our own growth?
I hope not, but I don't know. In any case, I think I'm gonna go play Halo for the bajillionth time.