June 30, 2004

Japanese Girlfriend

Note to archive scroungers: Way old post before I ever came to Japan, but I still think it's a good parody. And now I wonder who this model is and where I found her...

So I was talking to my Japanese girlfriend that other day, and the fact that she doesn't really exist came up, and there was this awkward silence.
And after a while I said, "But it's cool, ya know?"
"Soo desu ka?" she replied.
"Yeah. I mean, we never have to fight. And I never have to buy you stuff and-- what?"
"Pathetiku desu nee," she demurely interjected.
"Well yeah. But it's not like anybody knows I have an imaginary Japanese girlfriend."
"Anta wa baka."
Now I felt more than a little upset. "Hey, don't judge me!" I yelled.

So I had to break up with my imaginary Japanese girlfriend.