September 18, 2004

Test your EQ the Clay way

I made a quiz that can tell what your emotional intellence quotient is in just two questions! Be sure to click one of the choices for each picture and push the results button when you are done.

this girl seems to be expressing...

Remorse for eating too much chocolate and blaming it on the dog, whom she fed chocolate to cover up her tracks, and now the dog is convulsing on the floor.
Discomfort over seeing her dad kissing his new boyfriend Gary.
Confusion at her appearance in an online quiz she is taking.
Disgust at your sinning ways, heathen.

This old man is experiencing...

A hysterectomy by a very confused doctor.
A heart attack, and all you are doing is laughing at him.
His son's new boyfriend Gary.
The dissapointment that comes with seeing the old folks' home where his children have decided to stash him away and never talk about him.