September 6, 2006

Lost in translation

after 30 minute conversation in which I wish he had just tried to tell me the details in Japanese so I could of understood it better...
me: So your daughter auditioned... for gabai-baachan* tv show?
fun teacher: Oh yes! That. Audition. But too young!
me: Wow. A tv show in Takeo. I wonder if they have roles for foreigners.
him: Foreigners?
me: Like me. I would love to be in such a show.
him: Oh wow!

I thought his enthusiasm was just Japanese over-enthusiasm. But another half-hour later, I discovered he had told everyone in the office that I had already auditioned and won a role on the tv show.

*Gabai-baachan is a movie set in Saga, using saga-dialect. It looks surprisingly good. You can see a preview here.