October 14, 2008

Creating a Story Primitive

As I said before, I want to create a primitive together with you, the reader. What? No readers? Well I'll push on anyways. So, as far as I've looked, Heiseg never assigned a primitive mnemonic keyword for 品 over 木, as in the following kanji I generated thanks to the previously blogged super tool that is JEDict:

髞 譟 躁 藻 燥 操 噪 懆 澡
髞 (高) ソウ, N: たかし hurry, high
譟 (言) ソウ, さわ.ぐ shout, be noisy
躁 (足) ソウ, さわ.ぐ noisy
藻 (艾) ソウ, も seaweed, duckweed
燥 (火) ソウ, はしゃ.ぐ parch, dry up
操 (才) ソウ, サン, みさお, あやつ.る, N: さお, みさ maneuver, manipulate, operate, steer, chastity, virginity, fidelity
噪 (口) ソウ, さわ.ぐ be noisy
懆 (心) ソウ unease
澡 (水) ソウ, あら.う wash

So as you can see, this "product over tree" primitive always provides an on'yomi of ソウ. This has tempted me thus far to try to call it "SOme things", so I could get the reading in there too. But I also noticed while looking at the list that loudness may be a good meaning to get in there somehow. So, if you can rise to the challenge, please leave your idea in the comments: what can we call this primitive? Wild images are good too; I've been thinking about a loud tree with many mouths (product=three mouths), but what would we call it?.