October 31, 2008

Okay, that was Stupid/Nostalgia Vid

There were many little annoyances with the whole "I'm gonna be doing only Japanese for a month" thing. Actually, the talking is still good. But I have to communicate with people, and a lot of my readers just aren't down with it. I had people trying to read and comment using machine translators. Ug. And there were many times where I was like, that story won't be as good in Japanese. Many people tried to correct my Japanese, and while I appreciate it in a sense, it's not the kind of comment a post should generate in a blog setting. So, Japanese posts may come sporadically from here on out, but really, Lang-8 is where I will turn to for corrections.
Also, let me put this out there again: my links are almost all powered by Google Reader tags. If I tag something as "Japanese Bloggers" for my own benefit when reading, it automatically goes up in the sidebar too. If I stop reading, the link goes away immediately. I mention this because some people actually miss getting 1 hit from me a month. But I gotta stress, don't take links personally, especially when I am not actually going to the trouble of linking to you by hand, as it were, in the first place.
Here are I rub your brog and Tokyo Cowgirl. I stopped reading for whatever reason, but you may enjoy them. In fact, you probably will.
Here's me on youtube again. Obviously I had to use English for this too, but I have a Japanese video coming up for you to feel better with, in the sense that anyone who hears my Japanese feels a smug sense of superiority by comparison, even if they've never spoken a word of it.