June 18, 2009

About the Thing on My Butt

Provocative title gets.

So a couple years back I discovered a cool little shop in Sasebo, Nagasaki that was geared towards foreigners and run my an Indian immigrant. He gave me bargains and pants that fit (in retrospect I should have bought some shoes while there orz). It's also where I got my awesome phoenix-embroidered pants, pictured above.
The girl I was dating at the time warned me that I was wearing yanki style, but I could care less. These are awesome pants. I didn't see their like again until recently at a store called Method.
Last week I made a post at JibTV (please visit!) about this odd genre of clothes, and figured that if anybody was interested in getting their own Japanesy clothes, they might like to know that I've found one of the brands, 豊天商店, online at Rakuten. Click the image below to shop or just ogle, because, lets face it, most of these pants are too expensive to justify the risk of clothes that will either make you look cool or like a tool. And who buys clothes without trying them on anyways?

Finally, if you are still here, I don't believe I've shown the following video on the blog before. In it, I show off some of my shirts that have this theme.