June 4, 2009

Green Tea Cola

Seems a new flavor of Coke will soon be with us. Like a soon to debut Pepsi product, it too has the flavor of a green leaf, but of a different species. It has no calories (which means it will taste even weirder), and has catechin. Catechin is a thing in green tea that helps people be skinny in Japan. It comes out on the 8th. I'll try one out.

I was recently offered 100 bucks to send six bottles of the aforementioned new flavor of Pepsi, which is the flavor of shiso, to an associate in the states. We often get shiso leaves with traditional Japanese dishes, such as sashimi. I've only ever seen one person eat them, and she was a foreigner. In any case, I think the tea cola will beat the shiso cola.

More info, in Japanese, about the new coke is here.