September 18, 2009

You will Believe a Bad Show can Fly!

Shibuya, Tokyo-- This display, depicting a man magically suspended in air, went up in front of Shibuya109, to get the word out that the first volume of the Heroes season 3 DVD is coming out in Japan. I think Heroes must be pretty kitschy for many Japanese people to watch, as nobody in it can speak Japanese quite like a native. Masi is close, but natives I watch with say there is something off about his speech*.

Does this mean a foreigner can never learn how to make their accent go away? People like David Spector would prove that it can be done, at the price of being struck with strange hair. Seriously, what is that style called? Anyways, odd follicles aside, one friend of mine said that when Spector talks, he gives the impression of being Japanese.

BTW, though I think Heroes is a bad show, I've seen every episode, so don't feel too bad that I ragged on it in the title of this post.
*But then again, his character has an intentionally odd voice. Yatta!