October 9, 2010

All the Japanese You Need for a Visit

And don't worry, none of the tips I give in this video will make J peeps think you know Japanese and can be talked to in such a confusing tongue, due to the effect of the Foreigner Reality Displacement Field.

BTW, if you too want to own Cthulhuian tomes written in Japanese, I found one of them on Amazon.jp for 1 yen used:
YIG〈1〉—美凶神 (カッパ・ノベルス)

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  1. Excellent find on that X-Men blue! That was the series that got me into X-Men because it came out the same time I decided to started reading comics.

  2. Restroom, man, you gotta tell people how to ask for the restroom! This is especially important for the "older" traveler... :) Toire-wa...doko? ...perhaps accompanied by an anxious look and crossing of the legs, depending on circumstances... :)


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