October 19, 2010

Bad Luck with the Ladies? Maybe You Should Consider Jewelry

I told you these old pic posts would fail to be daily. I took this pic with my cell in some magazine in a conbini. You need to click-zoom this one to see the guy's secret wrist magic, world-conquering laugh, and wonderful teeth.

Totally Awesome Product Literal Breakdown:
金も女も benjamins and hoes
自由になる will be freed up

次々と広がる one after another spreading out
幸運の good fortune's
連鎖爆発 chain of explosions
実現する realized
願望! dreams! 

巻き起こる swirling around
幸福の luck's
数々!! muchness!!

Yeah, I did it literally, but it still takes a lot of interpretation and the occasional making up of words to translate sales slogans.

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1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha!
    There're those kind od jeweries for woman, too!
    Of course, the picture was of an ugly fat woman surrounded by ikemen guys.
    (Don't aske me if I bought one, NO!)


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