August 12, 2004


I ran across this fan comic today. I'm usually against fanficks, but this one is so well done, and beautifully turns American cartoons into shojo cliches, that I couldn't help but be impressed. And I'm not the biggest proponent of copyright law, so I see little problem there . How can anyone own an idea? I think the concept is a byproduct of our capitalist society*. It's a subject worth debate. Anyways, there are cameos by the entire cartoon network cast, from courage the cowardly dog, Dexter and samurai jack to billy and Mandy.
I think R would be pleased; lord knows she watches the cartoon network enough. She has one other TV vice that I know of: I was a food-elf† the other night, and I heard x-files coming out her window.

Quote of the day: Democracy is too important an institution to trust the public with it.

*Not that I consider capitalism bad.
†Food-elfs bring food when people aren't looking, because they are good natured and yet mischievous.