July 29, 2005

Answers to mom's questions

I have not yet gotten to talk to mom on the phone, she is off camping somewhere. But I got these questions from her via email and thought I would share the answers for everyone's edification.

Oh, and there's a pic of me with mascara and spiked hair pre-departure. Just 'cause.

So, how was the water? Is it dirty or clean?

The water is clean.

Are they amazed at your white skin as well as your height?
My height and looks have made me a local celebrity already. It's addictive/unnerving. My size is really impressive here. But I think they think I am tired when they look at my pale face.

Have you been to the school yet? Have you met the other English teachers yet?
Yup, I've been to all three. And met all the teachers. I think they were trying to suggest I date a couple of them :/

Have you had to think about gifts yet?
I have not yet considered gifts, but I may go to the 100 yen store today...

Do I get old and tiresome?