July 26, 2005

Walking in the rain with an inebriated British goddess

Well my time in Japan has been interesting thus far. The first Japanese t-shirt I saw said, "Juicy please."
I discovered a Japanese restaurant where they didn't understand what ramen is, so I ordered a curry thing instead. Then they tried to get me to give up my chopsticks in favor of a spoon. "No, I'm good. Ii desu yo."
I found a conveyer-belt sashimi place today, and am quite proud that I didn't say a single word of English the entire time I was there and managed to do a successful transaction. If only I could understand what they said beyond "irrassaimasu."
And tonight I went out with the people going to my prefecture. We ended up at a small club. Dorm-room small; everything in Tokyo is small. We had fun, made Japanese dancing friends, and played horrible games of darts.
I helped Liz, the token hot British girl, to walk home, as I was the token non-drinker. She was quite drunk, and wearing high heals, making her tallness near my impressive stature. I commented that she was a giant, blonde goddess to these people as I gently guided her with her arm around my neck.
She replied, "We Brits are special you know. We put a u in color!"