July 28, 2005

welcome home

I survived a typhoon in Tokyo. pic pending.
At about 10am I arrived in Saga City, and was in Tara town in about an hour (including a stop for sashimi). Saga is a lot like Northern Colorado; the towns all blend into one another like boulder to loveland to longmont to northglen to Denver etc.
My house is totally ghetto; nobody has been taking care of the floors, and my predesecor didnt even clean when he left, but Im getting into the groove of things just fine. My front door has no lock :/
Ive already met many nihonjin and been shopping with the brother in law of my advisor; everyone tells me I speak really good Japanese, which is actually a sign I do pretty bad. Once they stop complementing me, I will know that Ive gotten good.
My name is "Forever bell" in Japanese, on the stamper that I will use for my signature.
Other than that, everybody comments that I am Okii (very big).
I will post pictures when I get my own computer with working internet again.