February 28, 2006

How does my intelligence shield me from enlightenment?

"So how does your intelligence keep you from enlightenment? What does your intelligence shield you from?"--Linus

So let me relate a story from a fellow JET, told to me rather drunkenly; but still, there were pearls.

So, there's this kid, right. Special Ed. Yo! Do you teach Special Ed too, Clay? Yeah? Good. Listen, there's this kid. He doesn't do anything but smile. He doesn't know anything of course. He just smiles. All day he smiles. Nothing gets to this kid man. He doesn't worry, he doesn't get stressed out. He laughs all day. Yo! The kid's got it figured out man. You, me, we worry about crap. We think too much. This kid man... This kid. He smiles. We think we're smart, but he's got it figured out. He's wise, man. Yo! He smiles!