February 4, 2006

鬼は外 (oni wa soto) demons outside

Right, so it's the time of the year to cast oni (translated as demons or ogres) out of your house for spring in Japan. Cause Oni don't flush, and they make calls late at night where they laugh and go "I know. I know! I KNOW, right?!"
I'm going to take a metaphorical tact to this spring-welcoming holiday and cast out all my negative demons. Seriously, from now on my goal is to not say a negative thing to or about anyone. It's going to be hard, but I shall not be negative at myself when I stumble.
Welcome a new Clay. With plenty of "Fuku in the uchi". I'm not clear what that part of the saying means, but okay.
The challenge will be to provide you, the reader, with the same beautiful sadness that the hopeless romantic is known for.