February 27, 2006

It's downhill from here

Well, crap. Turns out I am 20% fat*. So what's the problem? you are probably asking. You're still in the healthy range, much better than the majority of Americans these days. Even the machine that tested me suggested I should really gain some more weight. I'll tell you what the problem is: Back in community college I was at 4% body fat. Four. And the next summer I got a job at Sam's Club, basically lifting heavy stuff (because the female cashiers always begged me to for them) and I had the body of a greek god, I daresay. My cholesterol was 136. I could kill a bear by breaking it over my knee, like so *pose* Now... I feel fat.
But there's more gnashing of teeth to be had.
As a 25 year old, its safe to say that I have passed any chance to marry within my own faith. Them's the cold hard facts. But I really mostly gave up on Mormon girls around the time of the whole mission debacle. My biological clock is ticking. I gots to have some babys, and there isn't a single sports illustrated swimsuit model/rocket scientist around. What's a boy past his prime to do?
Not much but keep going to the gym.

*:making me the only American to ever gain weight while living in Japan.