June 27, 2007

Everything we love is stupid, revisited

You may remember the entry where I claimed that most things in entertainment, particularly science fiction related things, are really stupid. Really, really stupid.
I think about the idea often, especially when I watch the new Doctor Who episodes. I would say outside of the return of The Master, this season has been mind-numbingly silly. Seriously, villainous weeping angel statues? But I have been watching a lot of the older doctors' episodes lately, thanks to this site, and it drives home the fact that the show was always really bad, and cheesy in the best way. That and Sara Jane was hotter than I ever remembered.

It's all good though, because it's entertaining, and I stand by that.

Anyhoo, you may want to take a look at this article, which argues that true Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. That's something I can get behind!

I know this idea was controversial the first time I brought it up, but have you come to share my point of view, or do you still defend your media?