June 14, 2007

Well, it finally happened.

Things are a little odd today. Okay, a lot. And I am not sure how much longer the power will be on; it's been flickering. Besides, I've got to get to a safer location. Luckily, I am close the mountains, and will head up there shortly. The sirens started around 5 a.m., but they've been off for a little while now.
I confirmed what was giving me the willies pretty early on, with the site of my neighbor. She is one of a few little old ladies that lives around me. But I saw her, out in the yard, trying stupidly to claw her way through the chain link fence. It took me a good thirty seconds to put it together: the clouded over eyes; the blood on her hands and nightgown; the old man, barely in view, laying very still on the tatami beyond their open window. This woman was a zombie.
I got my shovel. It was really hard. Cause you second guess yourself in such a situation. You wonder if you aren't crazy, when the world is. I made a mad dash to the supermarket after that; did some breaking in and looting; there are already a few bodies strewn outside, some of them twitching. I kicked one into the river on my way out. There was a very confused man in the market; some worker. I tried to convince him of what was happening; why the banging was so incessent on the shutters, and that I had a reason for my ransacking. But he wouldn't believe me, and I left him behind.

Has it spread abroad yet? The TV stations that are on are issuing generic emergency signals. Thank goodness we are an island nation. But how long can I and the other survivors hold out? Gotta go. Pray for me and be safe.

(update: apparently there is some info and news about events here).