July 10, 2007

I'll have you give an answer

The title is wierd cause it relates to today's language discussion. Yay language discussions! Anybody? *cricket sound* *cough*
Just when I thought I had "~てもらった" pegged as "I had him ~for me", I go and run into a new example to confuse me.
Today, a teacher said, after he looked up and realized I had written an example sentence, "Mr. Bは前に黒板で文を書いてもらった."
I thought to myself, Wait, you didn't have me write that for you, I did it of my own volition; independantly.

After some discussion, I think I may extend the interpretation of "~てもらった" to "He did something (~) that I/we needed/required (whether we requested that thing or not is irrelevant)."

Thoughts? 君の答えを書いてもらおうと思う。