July 20, 2007

Mr. B puts his hat in the ring

If one is in Japan long enough, they might notice these signs...
Basically, they are boards where the candidates get equal face time. But I thought the board looked woefully unrepresentative of the international mingling that is supposed to be happening in Japan.

And besides, I could beat these guys in a race.

So I decided to make my own campaign poster. The caption says どんと来い, meaning "bring it on!" Only I had a brain nap and forgot the い.

It 's a little small, but I don't want to waste any more of the school's resources. Despite that, this pic looks pretty good if you zoom in.

Oh you'd better raise your hand, lady. In fear. To ask for help from the unstoppable juggernaut that is my raised eyebrow.

Vote for Clay!
I quickly took my poster down; I am not sure if this is legal. I'll put it up in Kashima maybe.
This is not the first time I have joked my way into a campaign. In high school, I ran unannounced and made my own campaign posters. In the boy's room, above the latrines, we had signs that said "How's it hangin? Vote for Clay!" In the weight room, the sign read: "When you are doing your clean and jerk, think of a nice, clean jerk, like Clay, for president." There was also, "Vote for Clay and he will give you ten dollars.* *:Clay will not give you anything."